A partial discography of Sweden's leading psychedelic/progressive record label during the 1970s. This only covers the first two years, 1970-72, when most of the classic albums on the label were made. Not all LPs listed below are good, but most are.

SAGAN OM RINGEN (Bo Hansson): same   Silence SRS 4600 (aka Lord Of The Rings)
GUDIBRALLAN: Uti vår hage            Silence SRS 4601
HANDGJORT: same                      Silence SRS 4602 (2nd best on label)
FESTEN PA GARDET: various            Silence SRS 4603 (live, 2LPs)
SAMLA MAMMAS MANNA: same             Silence SRS 4604
KEBNEKAISE: Resa mot okant mal       Silence SRS 4605
FLASKET BRINNER: same                Silence SRS 4606
PHILEMON ARTHUR & THE DUNG: same     Silence SRS 4607 (avoid)
TRAD GRAS & STENAR: Rock för kropp   Silence SRS 4608
TURID: Vittras visor                 Silence SRS 4609 
JAN HAMMARLUND: Befriade från        Silence SRS 4610 (avoid)
ALGARNAS TRADGARD: Framtiden         Silence SRS 4611 (best on label)
GUDIBRALLAN: 2                       Silence SRS 4612

                                     Silence DRS 3701 (2nd pressing)
HARVESTER: Hemat                     Silence DRS 3702 (2nd pressing)

Note: Silence still exists as a record label, and has reissued several of the best albums. Algarnas Tradgard was reissued on vinyl circa 1987, and on CD with bonus tracks in 1995. Samla Mannas Manna and Kebnekaise have been reissued on CD in 2001, along with the first International Harvester (originally on Love Records, 1969) and Algarnas Tradgard's unreleased second LP from 1974. The last two are recommended. Hopefully Handgjort and the first two Trad Gras & Stenar will be reissued in the future.




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